Innovative Stratification Technique for Waste Management

Industry Manufacturing
Region Global
Solution Stratification Report
Manufacturing plants constantly generate waste during production processes, material trimmings, and equipment wear and tear. While companies aim to reuse, reduce, or recycle the waste, selecting and treating the large variety of waste items often becomes time-, cost-, and effort-intensive. Manufacturers are seeking an automated solution that will keep them updated about the different kinds of waste items to enforce appropriate handling processes for each item.
Problem statement

The client, a leading tire manufacturer, engaged with us to develop a waste classification tool for reporting on the quantities of different waste items generated from their plants at any given time. They had the category-level data on-premise, but that prevented them from scaling and automating the data handling and visualizing process. The client wanted us to build a cloud-based data storage and visualization tool that would continuously report on the waste item quantities across all categories.


  • Digitized the waste item reporting activities for the manufacturer
  • Prevented any ambiguities in waste classification
  • Standardized the waste stratification method

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