Preventing Revenue Loss through Data Discoverability Tool

Industry Retail
Region Global
Solution Data Discoverability Tool
Global brands rely on data from multiple sources specialized in market research and data collection through subscriptions or purchases. These sources and subscriptions are as vital as the data analysts and data scientists using them. However, messy organization of these sources can lead to confused employees as well as valuable time and revenue lost from redundant subscriptions.
Problem statement

The client, a major fashion brand, had employees requiring data from internal as well as external sources. However, the client did not have a unified system for easy storage, organization, sourcing and retrieval of data. The client requested the development of a unified platform that would allow internal employees to quickly find stored and easily available data sources, while being able to seamlessly request and find data sources which required elevated access or did not exist.


  • Estimated annual savings of $250,000 by cleaning up data sources and preventing overlapping subscriptions
  • Saved ~120 hours that would have been spent in researching and procuring data
  • Increased visibility of third-party sources
  • Reduced effort required for maintenance of data sources

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