TheMathCompany Maintains Leader Position in AIM’s 2023 PeMa Quadrant for Data Science Service Providers

Analyst Recognitions August 10, 2023

TheMathCompany, Illinois-headquartered leading global data analytics and engineering firm has yet again emerged as a Leader in AIM’s Penetration and Maturity (PeMa) Quadrant 2023 for Data Science Service Providers. This consistent leadership underscores MathCo’s success in innovating approaches that enable data-driven decision-making for numerous Fortune 500 companies worldwide, whilst keep their data safe and unbiased.

MathCo has secured this position through various distinctive attributes, including:

Co.dx Platform – MathCo’s proprietary AI/ML master engine with more than 250 AI widgets and 300 solutions blueprints;

Holistic approach to Data Privacy – From assessments at the start of the engagement to measures taken during the entire engagement to ensure data privacy for clients;

Bespoke learning and upskilling programs – From experienced professionals to freshers, there are programs for all to stay at the forefront of the analytics industry;

Focus on Explainability and Data Ethics – A 5-step process to help clients understand and trust the models and their insights.

AIM’s PeMa Quadrant for Data Science Service Providers evaluates leading service providers based on Penetration (Pe) and Maturity (Ma) parameters, plotting the relative positions of these firms in the quadrant. According to the report, companies positioned in Leaders’ Quadrant represent a strong market presence across industries or geographies and exhibit consistent growth. They have well-established teams that can deliver end-to-end services using state-of-the-art technologies.