Test and Learn Tool

Industry CPG
Region EU
Solution Test and Learn Tool
In recent years, the brewing industry has witnessed significant developments. With the craft beer market’s niche supersizing, global breweries have had to rethink product development and test marketing strategies to gauge consumer behaviors and cost implications better. But testing the efficacy of marketing strategies is tedious as it involves a lot of manual processes.
Problem statement

Our client was one of the world’s largest brewing companies which wanted to optimize and streamline their test marketing efforts to make informed decisions on product marketing and new product launches. Propelling this need for an upgrade was the fact that several experiment designing functions were still being carried out manually. They also lacked certain capabilities, increasing overall time-to-design and, subsequently, time-to-market. They wanted a custom tool to streamline experiment design and inform marketing decisions and campaigns for localized beverage flavors in select geographical segments.


  • Improved resource utilization by automating repetitive tasks
  • Achieved 50% reduction in time-to-design
  • Eliminated process complexity by standardizing procedures
  • Leveraged pre-built ML algorithms to save data migration time
  • Enhanced experiment scheduling by allowing multiple tests to run without overlaps
  • Facilitated intelligent sampling suggestions to optimize A/B testing effort

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